One thing that Scooter surely loves, other than running circles around his siblings, is Literacy! Scooter frequents the Cheatham County and South Cheatham County Public Libraries to raise literacy awareness amongst children. You can visit either Cheatham County library to see the Scooter replica and to find out what the Scooter Approved books are for that week! Below you will find information on both libraries and how you can get involved.

Cheatham County Public Library

Scooter, a wheelchair-bound border collie who was rescued by my friend and
colleague, Tj Jordi, has become a big part of our children’s programming at the
Cheatham County Public Library. Since Scooter had made many visits to our
library and the South Cheatham Library in the past that were so well received by
the children and parents alike, Tj,, Bryan Godwin – Children’s Librarian at
Cheatham County Public Library, Janet Walker – Director of South Cheatham County
Public Library, and myself, got together and discussed creating and implementing
a new and ongoing children’s program centered around Scooter and the many things
the children can learn from him. The programming consists of periodic visits
from Scooter, a series of “Scooter Approved” books which are geared toward
valuable life lessons such as caring for others, coping with disabilities,
making healthier choices, and good citizenship. Many of these books are “AV2″
books, which can be utilized interactively on a computer, which can also be a
useful tool for children who are hearing or visually impaired. The children have
been very receptive to this, and we have received positive feedback from the
parents as well. The children who visit both libraries appear to have adopted
Scooter as their unofficial mascot. Scooter has a unique personality, and is
very lovable, touching the hearts of all who meet him and hear of his story.
Though he endured much suffering early on in his life before being rescued, you
would never know it by his loving and energetic demeanor. Scooter’s story is one
of survival, perseverance, and love.

May Lingner / Director Cheatham County Public Library

South Cheatham County Public Library

What does a dog in a wheelchair and a library have in common? That’s easy -
we love children and children love us! Scooter is our newest addition at South
Cheatham Public Library – at least a close facsimile – we have just added a
life-sized stuffed border collie dog in a wheelchair to our children’s section
in honor of our favorite wheelchair-bound dog Scooter! Scooter is a regular
visitor to our library – especially during our Summer Reading Program and it is
a natural fit to use his personality and zest for life to encourage children to
read. Our newest literacy program dubbed “Scooter’s Picks” has been a real hit
with our youngest patrons – even our older patrons are interested in him.
Scooter II, as we call our mascot, is a dead-ringer for his namesake and he is
not only equipped with a wheelchair but also a book-bag filled with his picks of
great books for children to read. When a child picks a book from the bag they
can sit and read it to Scooter or check it out and take it home to read. Reading
to animals, and yes to stuffed animals as well, has been proven to be an
excellent way to encourage even the most reluctant readers to share a story and
gain confidence as well as fluency and comprehension because it’s fun! The
library plans to partner with our community groups to get Scooter’s story out
there and encourage children to not only read but be kind and respect animals as
well. Scooter and Scooter II recently paid a visit to a local Cub Scout Den and
helped teach the young scouts about responsibility. This is a partnership that
is only just beginning and if children can learn from a dog that does not let
his handicap keep him from loving life and others then our children will have
learned the best lesson in life – persevere and give back and always give big,
wet, sloppy kisses! Thank you Scooter for the lessons you teach and may the
library always be a place of acceptance and where the love of reading takes us
to new and exciting places!

Janet Walker / Director, South Cheatham Public Library